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Your trainer: Nicky Lucka


Dogs have been part of my family for as long as I can remember. I began training my dogs at a young age & so began the addiction.

Not satisfied with training only my dogs, I began working with other people & their dogs. The aim was to help dogs become valued members of their family. So began my journey...

My training addiction led me to start questioning why certain dogs’ perform or behave in a certain way compared to others & my journey to understanding these reasons began.

I found TTouch through the need to help one of my own dogs and I qualified as a TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner (Level 1)  in October 2006. In September 2013, I qualified as a Level 2 Practitioner & in 2017, I qualified as a Level 3 Practitioner.  Not satisfied with leaving things at that, I enrolled in the COAPE C04 Certificate in The Introduction to Canine Behaviour & Training, which I completed in 2009. The study bug bit again and in April 2011, I received my COAPE Diploma in Animal Behaviour and Training. I am currently furthering my studies in Animal Behaviour.


Over the years, I have competed in obedience trials placing first in several of them & Theo (my GSD) & I recently achieved Gold in the Canine Good Citizen tests.


I have been very blessed to have shared my life with my dogs - Jessie, Kalyn & Ronen who have sadly passed, but who taught me so much. I currently share my life with Theo, who is a blessing & brings much joy. He also keeps me humble & continues to teach me so much on a daily basis.

To all the animals who I have had the greatest privilege sharing my life with, as well as those that I have been blessed to work with - you have been my greatest teachers.

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